News and press releases

News and press releases

Free parking lots during the weekends - initiative extended till 10 January 2021



The initiative promoted by the municipal administration that offers every Saturday and Sunday free parking in the parking lots of the city center was extended until 10 January 2021.

The initiative will also be valid on Tuesday 8 December and Friday 25 December 2020, Friday 1 and Wednesday 6 January 2021.

The following parking lots near the historic centre are free:

  • Matteotti,
  • Fogazzaro,
  • Canove (da ottobre, quando riaprirà al termine dei lavori di manutenzione),
  • Verdi,
  • Bologna 
  • Cattaneo
  • Stadio
  • Cricoli (shuttlebus service included)

Check each parking lot availability LIVE here!  




#Covid19 - January 2021 Exceptional closure



In compliance with the Governmental ordinance, the  museums and the Olympic Theatre  will reopen only when the Veneto region will be deemed a territory  without a high concentration of covid cases.

For further clarifications, please send an email to or you can call +39 0444 964380

#Covid19 - March 2021 Exceptional closure



In compliance with the Governmental ordinance, the  museums and the Olympic Theatre  will reopen only when the Veneto region will be deemed a territory  without a high concentration of covid cases.

For further clarifications, please send an email to or you can call +39 0444 964380

CIVIC MUSEUMS: new opening times starting from the 1st September

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From Tuesday 1st September the Civic Museums will observe the new opening times that will be in force until 30th June 2021.

The Civic Museum of Palazzo Chiericati, the Olympic Theatre, the Natural History and Archaeological Museum, the Church of S. Corona will open from Tuesday to Sunday, 09 - 17 (last entrance at 16.30).

The Risorgimento and Resistance Museum is open on the same days from 9 to 13 (last entrance at 12.30) and from 14.15 to 17 (last entrance 16.30). The entrance is free



By purchasing the ticket, the Olympic Theatre provides a free show of lights and music called POP - Palladio Olympic Project “Son et Lumière” at 09.30, 10.30, 11.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30 (Tue – Sun). The show was conceived by Alessandro Baricco and Scuola Holden and will last approximately 10 minutes.

Palladian Basilica

The Palladian Basilica is open from Friday to Sunday, 10 - 15 (last entrance at 14.30).
The IAT infopoint inside the Palladian Basilica is open to provide information and sell tickets from Friday to Sunday, 10 - 15.
Inside the Basilica it is possible to access to the archeological area called Corte dei Bissari on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 to 12. It is mandatory to book the visit there, since there is a capacity of max 10 visitors + guide from the Ardea association. The ticket is 2 €, 1 € for people under 18 yo. 

It is mandatory to wear masks while visiting and use hand sanitizer. Upon entrance, the temperature will be measured and if it is higher than 37,5°C, access will be denied. 

The Tourist Office IAT located in Piazza Matteotti, 12, which is also the ticket office for the Civic Museums, is open every day from 9 to 17.30 starting from the 1st September.

Regular opening hours are back starting from July

indivFrom 1st of July the Civic Museums will observe the usual opening times, from Tuesday to Sunday, remaining closed every Monday.

The Civic Art gallery of Palazzo Chiericati, the Church of Santa Corona and the Olympic Theatre will be open from 10.00 to 18.00.

The Natural History and Archaeological Museum and The Risorgimento and Resistance Museum will be open from 10.00 to 14.00.

Except for the Risorgimento and Resistance Museum whose admission is free of charge, all admission fees and forms of ticketing will be restored for the museums.

Last admission to the museums: 30 min before closure.

By purchasing the ticket, the Olympic Theatre provides a free show of lights and music called POP - Palladio Olympic Project “Son et Lumière” at 10.30, 11.30, 14.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30 (Tue – Sun). The show was conceived by Alessandro Baricco and Scuola Holden and will last approximately 10 minutes.

The Palladian Basilica will be open from Friday to Sunday until the 31 July, 10 – 16. The Café on the terrace will be open 19 – 01 on Fridays and Saturdays and 18.30 – 23 on Sundays. The Tourist and Ticket office inside the Palladian Basilica will be open from Friday to Sunday, 10 – 16.


TICKET OFFICE in Piazza Matteotti: open every day, 9 – 18
TICKET OFFICE inside the Palladian Basilica: open from Friday to Sunday, 10 - 16


From 1st July guided visits are allowed, with a maximum of 20 participants for each visit. Reservations are mandatory for groups of more than 10 participants, as per usual, by writing an email to (reservation fee: 10 € per group).

In all museum locations the entrance will be guaranteed in compliance with the safety standards. Visitors must wear masks and use hand sanitizer (which is also available inside the place). Social distancing of at least 1 metre must be respected. The body temperature will be measured at the entrance of every site: if 37,5° is exceeded, access will be denied.

August 2020 in Vicenza: check the opening hours! Here the complete timetable

Exceptional closure until 21st May 2020


In compliance with the Governmental ordinance,

the Civic Museums of Vicenza and the Olympic Theatre 

will remain closed to the public until the 21st May 2020 included.


For further clarifications, please send an email to

For information about the art exhibition

"The New Twenties Woman in the art of Ubaldo Oppi"

you can contact the Call center, active from Monday to Friday, 10 - 14

at this number +39 0444 326418  or you can send an email at this address 

ingresso FILEminimizer

THE NEW TWENTIES WOMAN – in the art of Ubaldo Oppi

OPPI con proroga

In accordance with the Ministerial decree (DPCM) of 10th April 2020 regarding the extension of emergency containment and measures against the COVID-19, the art exhibition “The new Twenties Woman in the art of Ubaldo Oppi” will remain closed.

It is possible to ask for a refund of the purchased tickets by sending an email to by the 30th April, with the confirmation form of purchase (photo or pdf) attached to it or by providing the order code and the email used for the transaction.

The Call center of the ticket office is active from Monday to Friday, 10 – 14 at this number +39 0444 326418 or you can send an email at this address


The Basilica Palladiana will host a new exhibition from 6th December 2019 to 3rd May 2020.

Ritratto di donna. Il sogno degli anni Venti e lo sguardo di Ubaldo Oppi
Curated by Stefania Portinari

The 1920s are characterised by change and modernity: during those years, the most charming international art movement is that of Magical Realism, in which the vision of reality is wrapped in an atmosphere of wonder and expectation. In Italy, this vision is often portrayed by evoking memories of the Classicism and the Renaissance. Following this movement, intense portraits of strong women were created, standing out on the canvas with powerful personalities, loved, sometimes even feared, but always celebrated in their mesmerising beauty.

Ubaldo Oppi (Bologna 1889 – Vicenza 1942) is the absolute protagonist of those years, one of the most famous artists in Europe and the United States, with his works being sold in splendid collections.


Open date tickets can already be purchased at the Tourist Information Office in Piazza Matteotti, 12 (Monday-Sunday, 9-17.30)

Official website:

Open daily, 10 - 18
Individual visitors will receive an audioguide.


Ticket office at the Municipal Theatre of Vicenza
T. +39 0444 326418
April 2020: 10-14  From Monday to Friday


IAT Office (for single tickets only)

Piazza Matteotti, 12 (next to the garden of the Olympic Theatre)
T. +39 0444 320854
every day, 9 - 17.30

Basilica Palladiana Box Office (for single tickets only)
Piazza dei Signori
(starting from the 6th December)
T. +39 0444 326418
every day, 10 - 18

Online ticket office (for single tickets only)
Allows you to purchase tickets by choosing the preferred date and time of the visit or to buy an open ticket.



Saturday & Monday: discover Vicenza with a professional tour guide!


March 29-31: opening times are subject to change


From March, 29 until March, 31 Teatro Olimpico and Palazzo Chiericati will host meetings and events for Città Impresa Festival.

Due to this, the opening times of Teatro Olimpico and Palazzo Chiericati could change.

As soon as the calendar of events will be defined, detailed news will be published on this website.





Reductions for visitors of the exhibition “Il Trionfo del Colore. Da Tiepolo a Canaletto e Guardi."



From November 23rd to 5th May 2019, the city of Vicenza has the greatest pleasure of hosting “The triumph of color, from Tiepolo to Canaletto and Guardi”  exhibition.

The masterpieces of Europe's cultural heritage from the eighteenth century are selected by Pushkin Museum of Moscow.
The exhibition will be at Palazzo Chiericati, seat of the Civic Museum, and at Gallerie d’Italia - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, museum seat of Intesa Sanpaolo in Vicenza; the exhibition is edited by MondoMostre and promoted by the partnership between the city of Vicenza, Museum of Fine Arts “A.S. Pushkin” and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Therefore, the visitors in possession of the ticket for the exhibition “The triumph of color. From Tiepolo to Canaletto and Guardi” can buy a unique ticket with a reduction on the price for all the city museums: Olympic Theatre, Museum of Palazzo Chiericati, Naturalistic Archeological Museum, Santa Corona’s Church, Resistance and Resurgence Museum, Museum of Jewelry, Palladio Museum, Diocesan Museum and the Italy’s Galleries- Palazzo Leone Montanari.

-The special Family Ticket: from €18 to €16
-The special Unique Ticket: from €15 to €13
-The special Groups Ticket: from €12 to €11
The special Reduced Ticket: from €11 to €11

The ticket has to be presented at  Tourist Office IAT in Piazza Matteotti or at the Naturalistic Archeological Museum.Booking requested for groups and schools.

  VICENZA canaletto tiepolo


The POP interactive tour from 30th October 2018, planned from Tuesday to Sunday at 10am and at 3pm, will be suspended to organize several events curated by Accademia Olimpica.
Therefore, visits on Friday 9th November at 10am and at 3pm will be both suspended; on the 22nd of Novembre the pop visit is suspended at 10.00.
On Saturday 10th and 17th November and Sunday 18th November, the interactive visit will take place only at 3pm.

To every information and booking, groups can address to booking office:

On the 21st of December: extraordinary "pop" tour at 15.45.


Palazzo Chiericati: variation of the tour visit


During the exhibition “Il Trionfo del colore. Da Tiepolo a Canaletto e Guardi”, from 23rd November 2018 to 10th March 2019, the tour visit at Palazzo Chiericati is modified.

Therefore, for those who do not want to visit the temporary exhibition, it is not allowed to visit the three frescoed rooms situated on the left side of the main entrance and the lunettoni paintings room.
Once inside, the tour begins from the basement level, where the Cavalli-Rosazza’s historical toys’ Collection is located, then upstairs as usual.

The use of the lift will be always guaranteed for visitors with disabilities.

Exceptional closures


September 29th -   last entrance at 13.30, closes at 14.00;

October 13rd - last entrance at 13.30, closes at 14.00;

October 5th -  the Teatro opens at 13.00 ( closed in the morning)

October 18th: last entrance at 14.00, closes at 14.30;

October 19th - last entrance at 12.30, closes at 13.00;

October 20th: total closure for the whole day.



On Friday 27th September and on Thursday 10th October, the Interactive Tour scheduled at 10.00 will be suspended. (Regular visits are allowed).

Venerdì 18 ottobre il Teatro chiuderà alle 14.30 (ultimo ingresso 14), sabato 19 ottobre alle 13 (ultimo ingresso 12.30).

Domenica 20 ottobre il Teatro Olimpico rimarrà chiuso per l'intera giornata.



martedì 16 luglio: il turno pop del pomeriggio, eccezionalmente,  è gia sold out.

venerdì 27 settembre e giovedì 10 ottobre 2019 il turno POP delle 10.00 è sospeso ( visite autonome regolari)


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12.05.2018 CHIUSURA STRAORDINARIA - Exceptional closure


 Si informa che sabato 12 maggio dalle ore 9.45 alle ore 12.30 le visite al Teatro Olimpico sono sospese.



 The Municipality informs that on the 12th of May 2018 the Teatro Olimpico will be closed to the public from 9.45 to 12.30.


POP visits - Palladio Olimpico Project

From SEPTEMBER to JUNE: by purchasing the ticket, the Olympic Theatre provides a free show of lights and music called POP - Palladio Olympic Project “Son et Lumière” at 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 // 14.30, 15.30, 16.30. The show will last approximately 10 minutes.

JULY AND AUGUST 2021: at 10.30, 11.30, 12.30 // 15.30, 16.30, 17.30

pop red


The initiative began with the City of Vicenza’s dream to make the visit to the Olympic Theatre memorable and innovative through a narrative method, conceived by Alessandro Baricco and Scuola Holden, which aims to enhance all the historical spaces of the theatre. The entire theatre will be involved in the narration, becoming prologue and epilogue of the show and visitors will take a journey discovering the stories, voices, videos and images. The stage and sets, usually off limits, will also be virtually accessible.

Tour itinerary: starting from the room “Odeo” you will go through a small theatre curtain and enter the room “Antiodeo”, which will host a virtual meeting with the writer Alessandro Baricco, who will recount – through a screen – the history and wonders of the earliest roofed theatre in Western culture. In the theatre hall, the heart of the narration, which will be accessible from the top as it was in the past, you will first see a show of sounds and lights; then through a tablet, you will virtually visit the hidden places of the theatre, and finally, you will be able to admire the extraordinary monument in all its natural beauty.

Visiting hours (the tour takes 45 minutes):

  • From 30th October 2018: from Tue to Sun at 10.00 and at 15.00
  • in July ad August: from Tue to Sun at 11.00 and at 16.00

Those who wish to visit the theatre in a traditional way can do so during other opening hours.

Available languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish.

The visit may be made at no extra charge to the cost of admission to the theatre by going to the IAT Office in Piazza Matteotti. The ticket is single, cannot be booked and will be issued until the seats in the Olympic Theater have been filled.
Only for groups ( +10 pax), reservations are required through the call center tel. +39 0444964380 or via email

Info: Iat office tel.+39 0444320854, email - 



Are you coming to Vicenza for Easter Holiday?Check and download the opening hours here 



BASILICA PALLADIANA: da martedì 11 aprile, apre il bar nella terrazza della Basilica palladiana: Osserverà gli stessi orari del monumento dove i visitatori potranno ammirare la loggia e la terrazza il martedì, mercoledì e giovedì dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 21; venerdì dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 22; sabato dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 22; domenica (Pasqua) dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 21.
Sarà inoltre possibile visitare il salone dove è allestita la mostra (fino al 7 maggio) “Flow arte contemporanea italiana e cinese in dialogo” (giovedì dalle 17 alle 21, venerdì dalle 17 alle 22, sabato dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 22, domenica dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 21).
La Basilica palladiana, con il bar e la mostra, saranno visitabili anche lunedì 17 aprile (Lunedì dell’Angelo) dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 21.
La terrazza e il bar potranno essere chiusi al pubblico o subire variazioni negli orari di apertura in caso di maltempo o per esigenze organizzative. L'ultimo ingresso è previsto mezz'ora prima della chiusura.
Il circuito museale cittadino, visitabile con biglietto unico sarà a completa disposizione dei visitatori (ad eccezione del Museo diocesano), con le sedi aperte la domenica di Pasqua (16 aprile) e Lunedì dell’Angelo, (17 aprile).
Il Teatro Olimpico sarà aperto dalle 9 alle 17 (ultima entrata 16.30).
A Palazzo Chiericati – aperto dalle 9 alle 17 (ultima entrata alle 16.30) – si potrà vedere l’ala novecentesca rinnovata, oltre che il palazzo palladiano che accoglie, in due sale al piano terra e al Chiericati Underground, la mostra "Mondocleto. Il design di Cleto Munari" (fino al 10 giugno): 100 opere raccontano la storia del designer che in 40 anni di attività ha portato il suo marchio e il nome della sua città in giro per il mondo.
Al Museo Naturalistico Archeologico - aperto dalle 9 alle 17 (ultima entrata alle 16.30) – è allestita (fino al 24 settembre) la mostra “Legumi&Legami tra natura, archeologia e storia”, dedicata alla conoscenza dei numerosi legumi destinati all'alimentazione umana, con le loro virtuose proprietà e la loro storia, che dal XVI secolo vede affrancarsi soprattutto nel nord Italia numerose varietà derivate dai fagioli provenienti dalle Americhe.
Il Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza, ad ingresso gratuito, sarà aperto dalle 9 alle 13 e dalle 14.15 alle 17 (ultima entrata alle 16.30).
La chiesa di Santa Corona si potrà visitare dalle 9 alle 17 (al sabato riapertura alle 17.30 per la santa messa). Venerdì 14 aprile le visite saranno sospese dalle 15 alle 17 per consentire la celebrazione della Via Crucis, che sarà presieduta dal vescovo di Vicenza monsignor Beniamino Pizziol.
Dalle 10 alle 18 (domenica 16 aprile dalle 10 alle 13 e 15 alle 18) saranno accessibili le Gallerie d’Italia di Palazzo Leoni Montanari, con le mostre “Le ambre della principessa. Storie e archeologia dall’antica terra di Puglia”, “Il Crocifisso di Araceli. Dalle Prealpi a Vicenza. Itinerari di scultura lignea medievale” e “Ritratto di città. La Vicenza di Palladio nelle vedute di Zuccarelli”. Durante le festività pasquali, sono numerose sono le attività collaterali alle mostre proposte per adulti e famiglie, consultabili sul sito internet
Al Palladio Museum, aperto dalle 10 alle 18, si potrà vedere anche la mostra “Andrea Palladio. Il mistero del volto” (
Il Museo diocesano sarà a disposizione dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 14 alle 18, rimarrà chiuso domenica 16 aprile, giorno di Pasqua, e lunedì 17 aprile (

27.04.2017 Exceptional closure


 The Municipality informs that the Teatro Olimpico will be closed on the 27th of Aprile from 13.00 to 15.00.


17.06.2017 Exceptional closure


 The Municipality informs that on the 17th of June the Teatro Olimpico will close at 15.00 ( last entrance 14.30) .


September and October, 2016: Teatro Olimpico CLOSED on the 29th Sept


The Municipality informs about some special closures in September 2016.

9th of September 2016: last entrance at 16.30

27th of September: last entrance at 14.00

28th of September: last entrance at 14.00

29th of September: the Theatre will be closed all day long.
2nd of Octber: theatre closes at 16.00
7th of October  theatre closes at 16.00
9th of October: theatre closes at 16.00

Plan your visit

Open from Tuesday to Sunday,
closed on Monday.
From September to June: 9 am-5 pm, last admission 4.30 pm.
July and August: 10 am - 6 pm, last admission 5.30 pm
Closed on the 25th December and on 1st January.


Admission tickets:

Individual visitors
€ 20 Vicenza Card -10 sights,
€ 15 4Museums Card
€ 11.00 Teatro Olimpco
Reservation not required.
€15.00 Vicenza Card -10 sights,
€13.00 4 Museums Card,
€10.00 Teatro Olimpico + Palazzo Chiericati
€ 3  Ticket for schools
Reservation required:
Call center: 0039 0444 964380

Teatro Olimpico
Piazza Matteotti 11
Vicenza (Italy)


Tel. +39 0444 320854 / 0444 964380 


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